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Visible Voices Live

Stepping Stones is thrilled to have been included in the Visible Voices which officially launches today.

Visible Voices is a project run by Trowbridge charity Wiltshire Rural Music. The aim was to send a songwriter into a session with a vulnerable group and come out with a song two hours later.

We were visited by Emma Hughes, a registered Music Therapist and songwriter, as well as a touring musician.

Emma spent the morning with some of our children earlier this year; she says "The sounds and instrumentation were inspired by the music sessions. There was a clear preference for the guitar so this was the starting point of the song. One young man made beautiful ‘ooo’ sounds during our music making, which became the hook you hear at the beginning. Another child really enjoyed the chimes in a multi-sensory way, so this became a strong feature of the track too. The rest just built naturally from there!"

Emma's song was written to try and capture the fun, loving and supportive atmosphere of the nursery and all the wonderful individuals who attend.

The lyrics were inspired by words that came from staff and parents when talking about the nursery and the children, as well as activities, movements and sounds Emma observed. You can hear the song and buy a copy for a small donation on Wiltshire Rural Music Bandcamp page see link below All donation for our song will come to Stepping Stones.


Here in Stepping Stones We can laugh and play It's a lovely way to spend the day with our friends Oh, oh, oh.

We take a small step and then a big leap We clap our hands and wiggle our feet We share this time as we sing our song Move to the rhythm of the beat Everyone here is unique We're proud, we're strong it's good to be me It's a happy, friendly community Moving to the rhythm of our beat And we go home at the end of the day It's not goodbye cos we'll be back soon to play another day Oh, Oh Here in Stepping Stones We can laugh and play It's a lovely way to spend the day with our friends Oh, oh, oh.

Find out more about the Visible Voices Project watching the video below

Please support this wonderful project in any way you can.

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