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Our Management Committee

Stepping Stones is a charity run by a Management Committee made up of parents/carer’s, voluntary professionals and friends of our organisation. If you feel you would like to ensure that Stepping Stones properly reflects the views and needs of all the parents and carers who use our service we would love for you to join us. Please contact Debbie or Barbara to find out more.

Claire Wells - Chair

Parent to a child who previously attended Stepping Stones


"I initially became involved with the management committee once our son finished a wonderful year at Stepping Stones and started primary school. I was overwhelmed by the holistic support given, not only to our son, but our whole family. I want to be able to ‘give back’ and do whatever is possible to help such an important organisation that supports children with special needs in our local community.


My aims are to facilitate the smooth running of the management committee, increase the public’s awareness of this superb charity and support Stepping Stones in any way that I can to ensure its longevity."

Clare Wells.JPG

Committee Members

Sue Spittles.JPG

Sue initially started working with Stepping Stones in her role as a speech and language therapist.


When she retired she was delighted to join the Management Committee Team to continue working with us.

Sue Spittles

Alison Gratton.JPG

Alison initially became involved in the management committee when her son, Adam attending Stepping Stones from the age of 1 year to his start at primary school.

Adam is now an adult but Alison has continued to support Steppings Stones as  member of the Management Committee

Alison Gratton

Tim Adlam.JPG

Dr Tim Adlam is an Associate Professor at the UCL Global Disability Innovation Hub in London, and Principal Engineer at Designability in Bath, researching technology for people with disabilities. He has worked in disability innovation for over 20 years, and brings his experience and connections in the field to Stepping Stones. Tim also has a son with cerebral palsy who attended Stepping Stones in his early years. He says “Stepping Stones was a significant support for our family: a place where people understood what it is like to be a family including a disabled child, and understood how to navigate convoluted health and education systems

Dr Tim Adlam

Clare Love.JPG

I’m Claire and have 2 sons age 5 and 7 who both have autism. Both boys attended Stepping Stones. The help the boys received from Stepping Stones was fantastic and set them up for starting school. Not only did they help my boys in sessions, but they supported our whole family through the process. 

I joined the management committee when they both left as I wanted to continue to support Stepping Stones and the fantastic work they do with many families.

Claire Love

awaiting photo.jpg

Fiona Ladd - Bio coming soon

Fiona Ladd

Natalie Dommett.JPG

Debbie visited my son at home to meet and assess him. After that it was like a weight had been lifted. My son attended Stepping Stones. The team helped us all to get my son ready for school and put together his EHCP.


I wanted to return their kindness by being part of the committee in carrying forward their amazing work.

Natalie Dommett

Amanda Bush.jpg

Having heard about Stepping Stones from a friend whose child attended, I never imagined that one day I would be desperately (and slightly hysterically!) contacting them as one of my boys was showing signs of Autism. From that first reassuring call we embarked on our journey as parents of a child with additional needs guided and supported by the charity and we wouldn't be where we are now without them. When our son moved on to school I became fascinated with what actually  happens in this magical place and decided to volunteer before going on to being an employee for many years. It is a privilege and pleasure to return to the Stepping Stones team as part of the Management Committee to help support the charity so that more families can continue to benefit from their wonderful service for many years to come.

Amanda Bush

Our 2021 AGM took place on Thursday 1st July. You can see what was discussed by downloading the minutes here. Please note that these minutes will not be approved until our next AGM.

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