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Stepping Stones Chosen as the Mayor of Trowbridge Charity for the Year

We are so pleased to announce that Stepping Stones has been chosen as one of Councillor Stephen Cooper, The Mayor of Trowbridge charities for this year! This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we look forward to working with him over the next year.

We would like to thank the Mayor of Trowbridge for his kind words about our charity, see below

But probably the highlight of the last few days was a visit to one of my nominated “Mayor’s Charities” for this coming year. I chose Stepping Stones District Specialist Centre because I wanted to try and help a cause that was having a meaningful and direct impact on residents of our town. It was one of those afternoons where time just flew by….. I went down there with our Customer Services Manager for my “meet and greet” and we had sort of allocated 30-60 minutes for the visit. Well….. and hour and a half later we walked away feeling very emotional. It was a truly inspirational experience. The dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers who devote so much time, effort and yes…. love…. to helping pre-school children with some very complex needs was just wonderful and life-affirming. I am so glad I picked them…... they truly deserve all the help and recognition they can get.

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