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Whilst your child is attending Stepping Stones, we will keep a Learning Journal to record their learning and development.  This will enable us to provide the best care and education for your child.  The journal system we use is an e-journal called “Tapestry” which enables observations to be taken using photographs and videos of your child which you will be able to view at home using either iPhone, tablet or other android devices and or computer. 


You will be notified via email of any new observation which you will be able to comment on and also upload images/videos from home which you may wish to include in your child’s Learning Journal.

The system also allows us to communicate directly with you about your child.


Signing Up:

You will be given a Tapestry registration form to fill in when your child starts at Stepping Stones, please complete this as soon as possible and return to the office so we can set an account up for you.


When your child leaves Stepping Stones we will create a pdf of the learning journal which you will be able download from your account. Once this is done your child will be deleted from the system but your account will remain active so you can still see any events and updates from us. If you wish to delete your account you can do this by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any notification from Tapestry or by contacting the office.


If you have any queries regarding Tapestry you can find out more please use the links below or contact Clair our Communication Coordinator.

Tapesty website

Find out more about Tapestry at their website link below

Login here

Once you set up your Tapestry Account you can login at the link below to view photos, comments and updates.


You will find a large selection of Tutorials on the Foundation Stage Forum website

Privacy Policy

If you have any concerns regarding your data security when using Tapestry online please read their privacy policy

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