Get Involved to Help Us Raise Our Target 

There are many different ways that you can help us reach our target. We appreciate £40,000 is a lot of money and every penny counts so please do get involved if you can.

Donate directly to our local giving page

You can make a donation directly to our Local Giving appeal by clicking here 

Have a collection box

You can download a collection box here to print of, make up and collect all your spare change in.


Organise your own fundraising event

Although fundraising may be a little more difficult in at the moment due to the pandemic there are still lots of things you can organise in order to raise funds below are a few ideas:

  • Get sponsored - from cycling, walking, running, jumping, silences, anything you can think of that people might pay you to do. Please contact the office if you would like Garden Project branded sponsorship forms.
  • Social Media challenges - remember the icebucket challenge? Could you come up with a challenge that is easy to do and will raise awareness of our project?
  • Bake Sale - invite your friends and family around for a bake sale of coffee morning.
  • Dress down day - if you work in a office how about organising a dress down day or odd sock day.
  • Clubs & Group - are you or anyone you know in a club or a group, could you organise an event to raise funds

If you do organise an event please let us know so we can share it, tag us on social media or email the office. If you need any help please let us know, we have sponsorship forms and other promotional resources available.

You could also get yourself a place on our virtual Garden Wall of Fame...more here.

Sponsor a piece of equipment

If you have a company or work for a company that may be interested in sponsoring a piece of equipment please get in touch. You can find out more about the prices of specific equipment here.

Support someone with their fundraising

If you don't feel able to organise a fundraising event yourself you can always support someone else. You can find out more about fundraising events in our Garden Wall of Fame .... more here

Donate Now

Donate now to Stepping Stones

If you wish to make a donation to Stepping Stones please click the local giving logo above.

Thank you in anticipation of your donation. We are very grateful for your support.


Parent Login

Parent login Area

We use Tapestry Online as our Parent Portal. Click the logo above to log in. If you are not signed up to Tapestry please contact the office.


Bristol Standards

Stepping Stones works in accordance with the Bristol Standards Quality Assurance Scheme.




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Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Reports

Ofsted Report
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